Sound Business Growth
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Welcome to L&A-Legal Consultants. At our firm, we are committed to serving our clients’ needs.

L&A-Legal Consultants is a full service law firm committed to providing pragmatic solutions to legal needs of our clients. Our Partners lead a team that provides bespoke legal services for our client’s legal and business interest.

With a clear grasp of the environment, L&A-Legal Consultants maintain a specialized, research-based and well focused law practice and consultancy services tailored to meet the needs of our diversified clientele across industry, private and public sectors.


Meeting and exceeding clients’ needs.

We deploy the full complement of our resources to meet and exceed the needs of our client. Hence, every division of our practice is client focused. We foster a team approach to client service through confidence building and open communication. In the increasingly complex business environment, we use our best endeavor to bring solutions to our clients’ business goals.


We work together.

Team Work is the most important ingredient to every success. Our practice is in accordance to the highest standards of ethics and collegiality, sharing knowledge and delivering services at best-practice standards.


Sound business growth.
We prepare the most efficient and effective strategy to meet our client’s needs.


We provide innovative, precedent creating and value added services. We also create new opportunities for our client’s interest.

we have based our core values on strong observance of Professionalism, Excellence, Quality Legal Advice and Client Satisfaction at all times.


Committed to first class service and top tier experience.


Foremost IP Law Professor Adebambo Adewopo Sworn In As Senior Advocate Of Nigeria.

Intellectual Property (IP) Law, the creative and innovation industries received quantum jurisprudential recognition, as Nigeria’s first Professor of Intellectual Property Law and former Director-General of NCC,

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Holistic reform of Intellectual Property is the way forward in Nigeria.

The need for a holistic reform of Intellectual Property (IP) in substance and form, including a well articulated national IP law and innovation policy has been identified as the way forward for a developing country like Nigeria

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L&A legal consultants
‘Nigeria’s intellectual property laws not suited for emerging commercial and technological development’

Intellectual Property (IP) law seems to be an area that does not really appeal to the majority of Nigerian legal practitioners. As a result, there are few legal scholars in this interesting but unpopular area of law,

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