Publications by Prof. Adebambo Adewopo

    • Intellectual Property Rights, Pharmaceutical Patents and Public Health: Adopting Compulsory and Government use Licenses in COVID-19 Emergency in Nigeria. Reed More
    • Trademark systems in Africa : a proposal for the harmonisation of the ARIPO and the OAPI agreements on marks Read More

    • The Global Intellectual Property System and Sub-Saharan Africa :

      a Prognostic Reflection Read More

    • Nigerian copyright system : principles and perspectives : [selected papers]Read More

    • Intellectual property regime and the global financial crisis : lessons from Nigeria Read More

    • Protection and Administration of Folklore in Nigeria Read More

NIALS 5th Inaugural Lecture

  • According to Intellectual property: A pro-development vision of the law and the Nigerian Intellectual property law and policy reform in the knowledge era Read More



Publications by Ayoyemi Lawal Arowolo Ph.D


    • Intellectual Property Rights, Traditional Knowledge Systems and Jurisprudence in Africa (Ibadan: Ababa Press 2012) (250 pages)


  • ‘Due Diligence and Corporate Governance Ethics in the Public Sector in Nigeria: A Case Study of the Nigerian Copyright Commission’ (2014) Journal of Corporate Governance vol. 16 No. 2